Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tangle of Vine, Drawing Ideas?

Theta pointed out that my recent photo of bare branches (and a Blue Jay) resembled my current drawings. Friday while out birding I decided to really try for photos like that and found some grapevine views that satisfied the urge. I had to use one in the weekly scraplift. We'll see if drawing or real life influence each other further. I also listed species of birds we saw in a rather hidden list. I hide text in my drawings, why not here too?
Designer Credits:
lift of layout "Time Flies" by liahra
all Anna Aspnes
-background paper (blended with another): ArtPlay Palette Barren Sunrise
-other paper, line brush: ArtPlay Palette Autumn Haze
-leaf (with edge effect, blended), pattern: MultiMedia Leaves No. 2
-photo mask: ArtPlay Palette Encapsulate
fonts: Jellyka, End_less Voyage, Tango BT, Huxtable, Loosie Script
-----------So pleased that this received a "Standing O" at Oscraps!


  1. Awesome! That adds another depth to your layout. Which is really neat. Vines are so neat. I love all of their twists and turns.

  2. Fabulous photo of the Vines... definitely resembles your drawings... I think nature has always played a big part in your drawings, you are so "in-touch" with it, I would have been surprised if it hadn't. Congats on getting another recognition for your page... you deserve it! :)

  3. You´ve presented us with quite a puzzle, Jean. I think I can make out - but only just - some of the text you´ve so cleverly hidden in this complex tangle of layers. But what I find particularly striking is the way the harsh metallic tangle blends into the leaves and then upwards to the scribbles and the text. Beautifully composed.

  4. At first glance, I thought you vine was barbed wire that I see so much in my part of the country. We had a neighbor years ago that had grapevines growing on our shared fence...even had grapes on our side. Thanks for the memory. Great title and expression of life! See what might be a hidden word, but not sure.