Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Drawing #14 - Serpent Wisdom

I've just read the latest in the series of Ohio Amish mysteries by P. L. Gaus. Its title is Harmless as Doves and it begins with the following:

     Behold, I send you forth as
     sheep in the midst of wolves:
     be ye therefore wise as serpents
     and harmless as doves.
          Matthew 10:16
Which is important in the course of the book.

You may be well versed in this bit of scripture, but encountered at the beginning of a mystery story it was quite different in context. "Wise as serpents" seems rather mysterious in fact. I kept thinking about it and that became the thought behind my latest mental landscape. I've also done the first application of ink with a pen and a wonderful acrylic ink that helped me achieve better areas of dark than the Sharpie pen. Hidden in the design is my bit of text:

     sheep among wolves
     wise as serpents
     harmless as doves


  1. I will have to check out that book, if it inspired this FANTASTIC drawing! Jean! I am in AWE! This is FABULOUS! And a tad bit spooky! But I love it! Great Job!

  2. This is fabulous. Excellent use of white space! The book series sounds really interesting.

  3. Familiar with the verse but never thought of finding it at the beginning of a mystery book. Does sound like an interesting book which led to this interesting design!