Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In the Halloween Spirit

The web inspiration challenge this month is an interesting and rather different photo. It took me a long time to get any ideas but when I did, things suddenly came together. My result is a little creepy in keeping with the the inspiration and Halloween. I really like this page, but it is very different for me.
Designer Credits:
-background (woodland scene paper), box, leaves, birds, squirrel: Take me to the Old World by Lotta Designs
-trees shapes: Family Tree by Joanne Brisebois
-paper used as overlay: ArtPlay Palette No. 10 by Anna Aspnes
mushrooms and witch are my photos from last October
fonts: Chiller, Ale & Wenches BB
text is lyrics from "Teddy Bears' Picnic"


  1. oh... that is creepy! I'm not going to spend too much time thinking about this until tomorrow, I need to get some sleep tonight, and I don't want any visitors in my dreams! :)

  2. now that I had a good nights sleep, I am back to take a good look at your page! I can't decide if the witch is dead or waiting to ambush Dorothy and her friends when they wander past? Love the birds, and I know the flying monkeys are on their way! Definitely a great Fright Night page!