Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Drawing #12 - Vermilion Creek

Driving back across Indiana earlier this month I noticed a sign indicating Vermilion Creek. I never saw the creek, merely green countryside and trees in changing colors. Nevertheless the name stayed with me and conjured images and ideas that I felt belonged in a drawing. Thus the shapes are not based on anything seen, only imagined. You may find plants and creatures along its banks, rocks and eddys within its flow.


  1. (Got the same problem I had at Deb´s blog. Had a close up view and got stuck there. Goodness knows what Bloggers been up to while I´ve been MIA!)

    I can see lots of interesting things in this: birds, flowing water, trees, leaves and even a camp fire. It makes me want to go there even more than a photo would.

    (AHA! I´ve just discovered the X which lets me out of the preview. Duh.)

  2. Jean, your drawing is wonderful! I too would like to go visit, as long as the big creature I see has left the area! I see all kinds of wonderful goodies in here... including the canoe to take me home again. Fantastic job!

  3. Jean your drawings are wonderful! Love the shapes! I sit in Sunday School and doodle (very embarrassingly, but I got over it :P ). Never thought about actually completing one and posting it. So cool! It's great how you use them in your layouts. I've doodles on some of mine, but being directly on the layout, I would have to hand copy to use again.

    Every time I see your work, I am thrilled at how far you've come. Excellent layouts. Thank you so much for sharing!