Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Butterfly and Angel: two views of a Christmas kit

We were challenged to use a Christmas-themed kit for a subject unrelated to the holiday. I chose a beautiful kit and a butterfly photo from last September. The butterfly is called a wood nymph. It always surprises me when I see it farther west like this as there it has large pale areas on the wing that the ones where I live don't have. I used the same kit for one of the regular monthly challenges too. This was the web inspiration one based on a holiday photo. I like the (unintentional) pairing of winged beings!

Designer Credits:
kit is Santangles by Maya de Groot
the poinsettias have a photo mask from ArtPlay Palette No. 10 by Anna Aspnes
butterfly fonts: Kredit, Liberation Sans Narrow; angel fonts: Cardinal, Huxtable


  1. I don't think I have ever seen a wood nymph butterfly... how cool is that! Both of your pages turned out great! What a lovely angel... You've taken good care of it to keep it's shape like that! What a treasure!

  2. I don´t know how you do it ,Jean, but both layouts have a wonderful magical feeling all their own, each unique and each quite stirring.

    Your butterfly is beautiful and, if possible, made even more so by its pattern being echoed in the background paper. The poinsettia/angel page is also quite magical. I love the way the red pattern reflects not only the colour of the flowers but the filigree of the angel while the snowflake above draws the eye down past the flowers to the angel. What a wonderful device that is and what an eye for design you have!