Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Sun Snuck In One Afternoon

This month's camera challenge has us focus on light. Two weeks ago we were returning home on a very gray day (as most of them have been!) but it was nearing sunset and the sun was coming though from the west under the cloud cover. As Dick was driving, I could get him to stop every spot it looked like a good shot. One of the last I took was really wonderful.
Designer Credits:
With a View by Kathryn Wilson Designs
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  1. What a lovely digital scrapbook page you have created to showcase your fabulous photo! It's funny that you posted this page today, Monday when Jeff and I were driving to go Christmas shopping, I pointed out some sun rays coming through the clouds to him, and said how pretty it was. I wish I'd of had my camera with me... I've been lax about carrying it in my purse with me... time to start that practice again. :)