Thursday, December 1, 2011

Drawing #22 - On Guitar

It looks like I skipped two numbers, but #20 is for my Christmas cards and #21 is a second larger format drawing that is still in progress. Back in my 7x10 inch sketchbook you'll see more color, collage with scraps from a page of an old book and a bird photo from a birding tour company brochure. A new addition is iridescent gold ink. It takes on different looks from different angles. The photo is on glossy paper that can't be easily drawn on so I gave it a light coat of clear gesso. It is almost clear but gritty. Somehow the photo can look very 3-dimensional receding well behind the drawing.
Inspiration for the drawing was a guitar recital earlier this week at the senior center. One piece of music reminded me of my drawings as I listened to the intricate but differing details that went into the whole. The last person to play was very engrossed in his music and gave me the idea for the basic shapes here. It is rather symbolic not realistic. It might be called "Transported On Guitar," music taking flight with the bird.


  1. oh wow... wow, wow, wow! This is fantastic, actually, fantastic isn't a good enough word... marvelous? Crud, I just don't have a good enough vocabulary for this one! At any rate, I love it! You should be very proud of this!

    Did your hubby play his guitar in the recital?

  2. Oh my, Deb, thanks so much!
    The recital was by students at the music institute but Dick's senior center group had their annual concert on Thursday, just two days later. I was working on it while they did a last minute practice and wound up showing it in progress to them. That was fun too.

  3. Simply fantastic, Jean! I love the musical theme. In fact the entire creation is like a fanfare of trumpets and how lovely to find a bird right in the middle of it all. I´d say he was adding to the music with his own song but he looks to my layman´s eye remarkably like a seagull! (Or could he be a dove?) Whatever he is though he´s a wonderful addition to this creative medley.

  4. Absolutely has to be my favorite so the colors and the bird is a wonderful surprise to see in the closeup! Blended printing is a very nice touch, too. Love it, love it. The only downside is that the guitar reminds me I still have Miller's guitar quilt not yet finished. But on the up side, the dove in the center reminded me of my Dad. He would scatter bird seed on the sidewalk and sat at the table watching sometimes as many as 30 morning dove come in to the feast. Brought him lots of pleasure in his later years!