Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Forgotten Recipe Surprise

When asked about my oyster stew recipe I thought surely it couldn't have been mine. Still, I thought perhaps I did have one in my recipe box. Sure enough I not only have it, but it looked pretty well used. Containing butter and whole milk, we wouldn't have had it in a very long time. Memory sure is a funny thing!

This week's lift featured the use of a list. I couldn't think of a thing until I reread the directions and saw the mention of a possible list of ingredients in a recipe. Having the forgotten recipe in mind I knew I had to use it as my story. I think it looks a bit like the stained recipe card or perhaps the stew itself.
Designer Credits:
all Anna Aspnes
-papers, brushes, button: ArtPlay Palette Sophistica
-flower, brush: ArtPlay Palette Ablaze
-gold overlay: GoldPaint Overlays No. 1
-gold leaf: GoldLeaves No. 1
-branch: Twiggy No. 1 BrushSet
-spiral brush: DifferentStrokes No. 7 BrushSet
fonts: Enchanted Prairie Dog, baby dont worry bout it!, Ellianarelle's Path, DomCasual BT, Koala


  1. Don't feel bad, I forget things all the time, I have had my boss ask me for an ad I designed, and honestly, I don't remember designing it until I found it on my computer. I know it is because I design so many ads... but it does feel weird to not remember. Your page turned out great. Love the brushes you used on this.

  2. Does seem memory escapes us all at times. Lovely page and have to agree it does look like a stained recipe card. I have a few of those in my collection. I'll have to try your recipe sometime. I love clam chowder but have never had oyster stew!