Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chock Full of Christmas

For the first 12 days of December we've had a daily topic to photograph for Christmas. That is paired with a template for a 12 photo collage for our 12 Days of Christmas. The topics are: 1.family, 2.food, 3.sweets, 4.color(red/green/gold/or silver), 5.stockings, 6.Santa, 7.decoration, 8.Christmas trees, 9.snow, 10.holiday lights, 11.holiday foliage, 12.candles. For food I have a photo of bags of oranges taken while grocery shopping with my sister. They reminded us of the oranges or tangerines and assorted nuts that came in our stockings as children. The snow I'm happy to report had to come from a source other than outdoors, in this case wrapping paper. The tree is at the shopping mall as are a number of others. The lights are on a house down the street.

I'm really glad to have been prompted to do this challenge. I would never have taken many of the pictures nor would I have this very happy holiday collage. I do think it is chock full of Christmas and holiday spirit. I hope it will bring a smile to each of you too.
Designer Credits:
-template: 12 photos of Christmas by Timounette
-background: Magical Christmas by Lydia Designs
-overlay (also used as separator bar): GoldPaint Overlays No. 1 by Anna Aspnes
-red paper: ArtPlay Palette Ablaze by Anna Aspnes
-green papers: MonoBlendz Sage No. 1 by Anna Aspnes
-bow: With a View by Kathryn Wilson Designs
-twig: Twiggy No. 1 BrushSet by Anna Aspnes
-gold leaf: GoldLeaves No. 1 by Anna Aspnes
-25 token, snowflake: Santangles by Maya de Groot
-white button: ArtPlay Palette Sphistica by Anna Aspnes
-frame: Oscraps Collab A Hopping Halloween
-family word art: Oscraps Collab Family


  1. My Christmas stockings as a child always had candy in them, it wasn't until I met my husband and starting spending Christmas with them that I got fruit in my stocking! I do remember putting together fruit baskets for my Dad to deliver to all the interns at the Osteopathic Hospital when I was a kid. That was always a fun project. Thanks for reminding me of that memory. :) Santa likes to leave tangerines in our stockings these days... it's a lovely tradition. Love all your photos of Christmas, but that hubby of yours needs to get behind that camera and take some more photos of you. :)

  2. What fun this is and a lovely compilation of what you most enjoy about Christmas. Love all your images and, of course, there had to be a bird in this somewhere! Maybe not the traditional partridge in a pear tree but just as decorative.

    PS Quite a coincidence that you also chose this theme though your version is a lot more elegant than the antics of the creatures currently larking about (pun intended!) on my blog.

  3. What a delightful collection of photos...definitely puts you into the Christmas spirit! I guess fruit must have been expensive. Don't recall having much as a child but we always got an apple and an orange plus nuts and candy in our stockings.