Friday, December 23, 2011

Drawing #24 - fifteen maple

The latest drawing takes its name from a word list from my mother's elementary school reader that shows in the piece. The paper size is 12x16 and this time I worked the whole sheet. It is multimedia or mixed media being a combination of collage, paint and inks on watercolor paper. One of the inks is an iridescent gold that changes with the angle of the viewer. A detail in the light shows a bit of its character. I'm still amazed at how large this paper becomes when I'm working on it. The style creates a lot of motion and that combined with the lively colors makes this a treat to look at on these gray days. Remember to click on the image for a larger view and right-click for options to see it at full size.

and a detail from the upper right to show the gold ink:


  1. Jean, this is fantastic. Again, I love how you used a part of your Mother's Elementary School Reader, and that you found the name for the artwork in it... I love the colors (yes, they are a lovely treat to look at at this time of year when everything is gray) and the composition. You should be very happy with the way this came out... I think it's wonderful that you are working with some larger formats... I know it takes longer, but definitely worth the effort... fantastic job!

  2. Quite stunning, Jean! I think that just about any part of this huge project could stand on its own, it´s so rich in detail and imagination. Parts of it are like a dream landscape that I´d like to wander around and see close up. Other areas seem quite mysterious as if they had a secret message which has nothing at all to do with the school reader which originally inspired this work of art.