Monday, December 5, 2011

Drawing #21 - River Rapids

The second drawing on 12x16 watercolor paper early on became rocks in the whitewater of the river rapids. There is a lot of detail that I think looks good for that whitewater. I've used collage, acrylic paint and black, white and gold inks. It was amazing to put it next to the first large one to see how different they were even though rather similar. A lot of water themes have arisen in these drawings. Remember you can see this larger if you click on it. A right click might give you other options and the ability to see it even larger.


  1. This is marvelous! Another great drawing! You are doing such a fantastic job on these... they are similar, in that you definitely have your own style, but each piece is different from the others. I ate my lunch looking at all the details on the larger view... Love it Jean!

  2. this one too! And see what you mean about whitewater of river rapids...even see bubbles in there! Great blending of colors under the doodles!

  3. This has got to be my favourite so far though I seem to remember thinking that of every one of your creations. I can see lots of watery images but mostly it´s the birds which pop out at me. The one you apparently built your page around is quite magnificent.