Monday, January 3, 2011

Advice I Wish I'd Had

A challenge called for us to share a bit of wisdom, advice, etc. that we wish we'd had at some time in the past. I immediately thought of the lament of many genealogists, myself included, who wish they had learned more from the older generations when they were still here. I think it could also be a caution to anyone who still has those older relatives alive! My advice is to "Ask, Listen, Remember."
Designer Credits: Note to Self Add On by Biograffiti
photo of my mother and me from mid 1950s
fonts: Pupcat, Minya Nouvelle


  1. Good advice, Jean. My aunt was the family historian. I´m scanning lots of her old photos these days and I´m glad I asked, listened and remembered but still wish I´d asked more.
    This is a lovely cool looking page to remember your mother by. I like the bracket clip and also the netting effect of the background but hope that no memories slipped through it!

  2. Wonderful advice, I must have always asked and still do and thought everyone did, until my sister started asking me questions, which I was lucky enough to know the answer, if not we still check with Mum and Dad. When my first two grandchildren were born, I always thought their greatest gift was that they had 4 grandparents and 6 great parents living, a wealth of history and information at the their feet.

  3. What a beautiful page for your scrapbook, I am sure it will inspire others to continue on with scrapbooking centuries from now! Just think how lucky we are that we started scrapbooking when we did! What a gift for future generations! Great advice... I wish my Mom was still here so that I could ask her questions too... you are not alone. Hugs. :)