Monday, January 31, 2011

Baking a Cake, a Family Tradition

My father-in-law got a lemon cake for his birthdays and the tradition has a long history. I've eaten it, but never been involved in making one. Just over ten years ago Dick's cousin gave me her mother's version of the recipe but I never had reason to actually make it until last week. We agreed to bring dessert to dinner with friends and it just came to mind. I don't bake much any more and don't even know if I have some of the implements needed, but made do. Dick watched while I cooked the filling and applied it so he could tell if it looked right and I got the coconut on it right. Everyone seemed to enjoy it at dinner and the hosts seemed happy to keep the remains. The next morning Dick commented again how good it had been. So, a successful excursion into family traditions.
Designer Credits: Ohana by Biograffiti
fonts: Kristen ITC, Gold Mine, Euromode


  1. This cake - with its topping - looks and sounds wonderful, Jean, and I´m not so sure that it didn´t originate in Germany as I have several similar recipes. I also have a packet of lemon cake mix in my cupboard right now. Got to try your topping on it...if I can get hold of untreated lemons.

  2. lemon desserts and this sounds and looks very yummy! Perfect background paper and a lovely bright and happy page for this memory of your first family tradition cake!