Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another Winter Day

It wasn't so cold today and I am feeling better, so we stopped by my sister's house to check on things and water the plants. Everything was fine and I took pictures of things in the snow. We saw lots of tracks there of rabbit, squirrel, deer, etc. but none were as sharp as the one in the tiny photo which was at our house, likely a local cat. I'm not too keen on using tiny photos, but went with that aspect of the freebie template. The result is another two-page spread for the Fei-fei's Stuff Designer Spotlight Challenge. I first posted it left and right per the template, but decided I had to reverse them like this:
As always, remember to click on the images to see them larger. If you look at the individual pages, you should be able to read the text easily.
Designer Credits: all Fei-fei's Stuff:
-template: Outlined No. 4
-photo corners and circles recolored from the template
-papers, stems: Like Home
-plant drawings: Profiles No. 2
fonts: Elric, Bank Gothic Medium BT, Amapola, Tahoma


  1. These are all so beautiful it would be difficult to say which I like best. I particularly like the apparent simplicity of the middle one but the last one seems to signify the fleeting nature of every season, even this seemingly endless winter. The cat´s paw print seems to melt away as I look at it. What an eye you have for detail.

  2. Your pages turned out great, I would rather see signs of spring... but you made even the little details of winter look lovely with your pages! I like the way you arranged (reversed) the two page spread... Looks great! :)

  3. I keep telling you all to send the snow to us in Texas...we had the threat of snow flurries but no sticking since the ground was too warm a few nights ago. If we had any, they happened while we were sleeping.

    Your little photos turned out great as the magic of the snow stacked on items shows up quite well. Nice contrast of the evergreen bush and yellowed grass.