Monday, January 10, 2011

A Few Winter Leaves

I don't think I even realized there were a number of small trees of Sweetbay Magnolia in Lake View until January 1st when the silvery undersides of their leaves caught my eye. I've scrapped my favorite photo of them for a web inspiration challenge. Maybe the leaves stood out more then as there was no snow when we started the new year. We have a bit now but are worrying about tomorrow when they are threatening lots of snow and my sister is supposed to be flying to California in the late afternoon. We're keeping our fingers crossed all goes well.
Designer Credits: Stamp My Heart by Kitty Designs
fonts: Copperplate Gothic Light, Bradley Hand ITC, Boopee


  1. What a great photo of the Sweetbay Magnolia winter leaves, and your page to show it off is really cute. I really like the colors. Wish the Magnolia was in bloom - which would mean none of this white stuff that is all over the ground outside my window would be here! Is it Spring YET? :)

  2. How interesting...lovely photo, too. Some of our oak trees have about half of their leaves that never fall off though they have green ones still on though! The cute bird is sure eyeing those leaves...maybe wishing for Spring as well!

  3. This has got such a playful optimistic look to it due to the cute little bird and his matching leaves. Only that one ominous silvery leaf in the photo seems to taunt us with the threat of even more snow...and there´s nothing optimistic about that!