Saturday, January 1, 2011

December 2010 Review (Project 12)

I've completed my Project 12 pages for 2010! Each month I've done a 2-page spread to capture moments and thoughts for that month. Each one looks pretty different. November was very pleasant, but winter hit on December 1. Other than a three-day respite and the very end of the month we spent all of the time (day and night) below freezing with snow on the ground. The first thirty days averaged 6.5 below the average for December even though the year as a whole was quite warm. The weather was offset by many pleasant happenings. Don't forget to click on the image to see it in a larger format.
 You can see the individual pages and even read the text by clicking on them below.

Last month Helen hoped I wouldn't need too much white for these December pages, but that hope was in vain. The new year, however, started in the 50s and we were out birding in the rain. The only snow or ice around at the moment is where it was piled up. The temperature is falling though, so winter will soon return.  Thank you all for your support and comments during 2010 on my monthly pages here and at Deco-Pages.
Designer Credits:
kit: Winter Escape by tinamarie
month/year plate: Jennifer Rassi
dates: Bohemian August by Miss Crow's Magickal Emporium
fonts: Blue Highway Linocut, Kristen ITC


  1. Congrats Jean on another awesome month of Project 12 LO's! Thanks for leaving me a link so that I could see your layouts! What an amazing album you must have for 2010!! Hope you enjoy it! Will you be continuing in 2011? If so I'll be hosting the challenge on the FOFDS blog every month if you'd like to share them there. :)
    Have a great New Year!

  2. Congrats on completing all your project 12 pages...I only got a few months done at DP. Not sure I could fill 2 or even 1 pages each month. Not a very exciting life we live at our house each month unless the grand kids get to come...LOL! Love the hibiscus blooms blended in with all the snow, bird, and holiday photos! Great photos of you two also!

  3. Congrats on finishing up your Project 12 pages! I've enjoyed seeing them every month. Are you going to be doing this again for 2011? I am thinking about trying to do it. Now that I am keeping up with my blogging, I think it should be easier to do? I'll have to see... :)