Monday, January 17, 2011

A Little Serendipity in Photo ID

Sunday I went 24 hours without colds meds and felt miserable. But then I was out of it Saturday while taking them. Last night I went back to them and felt nearly human today. My email brought a nice surprise too. A genealogy mailing list had a posting from someone (actually a distant relative of mine whom I've met) looking for help identifying photos that had belonged to an Elaine Fulton George. That looked a lot like what I thought was the name of a friend of my grandmother whom I only knew as Mrs. George. I have a nice photo of my grandmother with a taller woman I thought might be that Mrs. George, so I sent a copy in reply and learned that indeed I was right about my photo. She was related by marriage to my distant relative. Certainly I had to scrap a page for that photo! It bears the caption "SEP - 60" meaning it was printed in September of 1960.
Designer Credits: Stamp My Heart by Kitty Designs
fonts: Celtic Hand, Catriel


  1. That was quite a coincidence! What a stroke of luck that you can now identify the lady in the photo. You´ve made a lovely floral setting for those two gardening friends. It looks like that cute bee is off to help you search for even more unidentified friends and connections...

    PS Wish I knew what you take for your cold to make you feel human. I´ve had one myself since Christmas and can hardly remember what being human feels like.

  2. How exciting to confirm the identity of your Grandmother's friend. I have a few photos like that and may never know who they are. Some day maybe I can get into genealogy and learn more about my family. Lovely photo and nice layers leading up to it!