Saturday, January 22, 2011

Still Watching Our Hibiscus

The hibiscus has been indoors for almost two months now and seems to be getting plenty of light even though its view is always of a snowy landscape. It has nice new growth, but it was a disappointment when a bud fell off today. And if you look closely at the photos I took this morning you'll see the new leaves have a good crop of some little white mites that were also on the older growth. Wonder what you do about them? And I am really starting to feel better now. The cough and stuffy nose are still around, but much reduced and I feel more like doing things and can concentrate for a little bit at least. Realized these were the first photos taken since the 11th! Maybe the end is in sight!
Designer Credits: Blossom Secret by Celine Designs
fonts: Kayleigh, iNked God


  1. I looked on the web and found this...

    The most common pest on hibiscus to benefit from a dry indoor environment is Spider Mites. The most effective way to get rid of them is showering the plant with lukewarm water, strong blast, at least once a week. Make sure to clean the underside of the leaves. Daily water spraying may also be useful. Aphids can be treated in a similar way. If you suffer a severe pest infestation use soap water or commercial insecticides. Please note that insecticides containing the active ingredient Imidacloprid will encourage spider mite infestations; they thrive on it!

    Hope that helps... :)

  2. I'm glad to hear you are starting to feel better. Although I have been extremely busy, I have been keeping track of you all on your blogs, and when I saw that you had not posted in a little while, I was starting to get concerned... you posted later that day, I was very relieved! :)

  3. You´re obviously doing something right to keep your hibiscus through the winter but it´s a shame about the mites because these are far more difficult to eradicate than aphids. I´ll email you with tips I got from a gardening programme on the radio.

  4. I had a hibiscus that I brought in one winter and it did the same thing...dropped all of it's blooms, but did well the following spring once back outside. Love the contrast of colors between new growth and the older leaves. Great layers and really like that cord used to hold the photo on!