Sunday, January 16, 2011

Under the weather; remembering fun creatures

I've been feeling wretched with a nasty cold or something and can barely think. Took a look at some older photos today and found ones of a nifty little caterpillar. I love all the the little furry and tufty ones and this is quite cute. It was on a picnic table under a little tree (oak I think) whose leaves were probably its food and the food of its relatives. I never try to touch these guy as they look better than they would feel and worse, some STING!
Designer Credits: Fei-fei's Stuff: Like Home
-stitching: Dydyge - October Festivities, Part 4
fonts: Girls are Weird, Memorandum


  1. This little caterpillar is so cute and quirky I can understand why you´d feel like stroking it...and then change your mind. I like the way you´ve complemented its colours in the background papers, and that amusing little swirl is a nice touch.
    You wouldn´t happen to have a pic of one of its grown up relatives, by any chance? I´d love to see what it´ll eventually metamorphose into.

  2. What an interesting little caterpillar...unusual coloring and very unique "spikes". Perfect LO for this fascinating little creature. So sorry you are under the weather...hope you are back on top of things soon!