Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Driving in the Snow

The snow started coming down early in the afternoon and made our driving not fun! We drove to my sister's, from there to the airport on a freeway that was not well cleared. Good thing we had allowed plenty of time. Her flight to California was only a little late and she is now out of the ice and snow for a time. We still had a distance to travel back home along different roads. They weren't in good condition either, but at least we were mostly ahead of rush hour. We saw a few minor accidents along the roads, but nothing serious. It was slippery out but for a change the other drivers were pretty cautious and courteous. It wasn't quite white knuckle driving, but Dick thought it was not nice. I did take some pictures through the windshield of a massive church complex that always intrigues me and that looked different in the snow. I used this one for a photography challenge on the subject of balance.
Designer Credits:
-background paper (color altered), red-brown paper: Bohemian August by Miss Crow's Magickal Emporium
-gray papers, rub on, chrome tag: Fresh Start by Ashalee Wall
fonts: Futura Lt BT, Big Top, Dawn Castle


  1. Love that photo. If it weren´t for the lights of the cars on the left it could easily be a Victorian Christmas card. These lights make an interesting contrast to the monochrome of the rest as does the small square of red in the corner. This is beautifully designed and presented and even makes the snow - almost - palatable.

  2. Great photo caught going down the the architure of the church in photo that is wonderfully complemented by the architectural like features in the LO! Reminds me of a possible scene from the movie of Dr. Zhivago.