Thursday, February 3, 2011

After the Snow Storm

It was bright and sunny today, but we have ice dams in the gutters and water was dripping into a window well, so winter is still having its way with us. It did look nice but was rather icy. Still, we got nothing compared to many other places. Today's photo is in a very simple layout, but I like that plain look for the impact of the photo. I am really pleased with the comments on my Desolation Row page! Thank you for the encouraging words.
Designer Credits: Family Ties by Fei-fei's Stuff
fonts: Sybil Green, Mufferaw


  1. Those shadows tell it all...the sun is shining. How nice that the road has been cleared mostly and left decorative snow piles along the roadside. Gray background gives a nice contrast to the bright and sunny photo. The swirls, sequins, and bubbles add of feel of excitement that the storm has passed. Lovely LO and fun fonts for journaling!

    DH had to drive DD to work yesterday as our country roads don't get cleared! He has a 4-wheel drive truck and there was no way her little car so close to the ground could have navigated the roads. We only had 6" of snow but the wind left it in 2-3 too was on top of a layer of ice. Sun is shining but only a high of 30 today, so not much melting. Tomorrow afternoon 40s and Sunday 50s. School has been closed 4 days...very unusual for Texas! And the super bowl is struggling to get started in Dallas. At least the stadium is inside and 72 degrees.

  2. I like your plain framing to set off this frosty scene. The red flowers scattered among the swirls pick out that tiny bit of red in the photo and give it quite a cheerful note.

    The snow is long gone hereabouts - though it´s still very cold - and the snowdrops are beginning to appear, thank goodness. Looks as if winter is on its way out. I won´t miss it...

  3. It's definately been a very cold snowy/icy few weeks hasn't it! We're experiencing some awesome February Thaw weather now! We hit 82 yesterday and will be in the upper 70's all week. Thank god for warmer weather! Hope you are thawing out also.