Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Remembering the decade past for a new Digi Dare

This week's Digi Dare, #215 calls for top-10 type lists for the decade 2000-2010 (though that is really 11 years, so I kept mine to 2000-2009). The details include having a big title and using doodles. At first I was at a loss to remember what we did in the earlier of those years. I decided to only go with the positive as sad things were well represented and I didn't feel like listing them. I did pick one thing for each year for my list. Some are much more significant than others, but each is a pleasure to note. The design did not require photos and I didn't use any. It turned out to be a fun task the way I did it. As for calling that decade the "aughts," Dick and I both remember older generations referring to years like 1904 as "aught four." It certainly sounded a LONG time ago and very quaint. Somehow we never thought about facing the dates 100 years later nor thought about what we would call them. Well, for this layout at least, I'm calling them the "aughts." When you see my memories, I'm sure you'll be thinking of your own. (And don't forget to click on the image to see it larger and maybe be able to read the list.)
Designer Credits:
-papers: Toi Mon Coeur by Hakia D.
-hummingbird: Like Home by Fei-fei's Stuff
-tree, flourish under dates: Family Ties by Fei-fei's Stuff
-blue designs: Graffiti by Fei-fei's Stuff
-spirals: Stamp My Heart by Kitty Designs
fonts: Baveuse, Classic, CountdownD, Arial Narrow


  1. What a wonderful page to document so many of the positive things that have happened in your life over the years. I for one, am very happy about the year 2006, as that is when I met you, and I feel so blessed! Fantastic page for your scrapbook Jean!

  2. I loved reading your memories and I was so intrigued by “aught” that I googled it and here´s what I came up with:

    aught 2 also ought (ôt)
    1. A cipher; zero.
    2. Archaic Nothing.

    [From an aught, alteration of a naught; see naught.]

    So now you know!

  3. Wow...this would be a real mental challenge for me to go back 10 years. What a great job you have done finding such wonderful positive memories to include here. Enjoyed reading them. I can remember also my mom and grandparents using aught...maybe zero wasn't a word yet...LOL! Love the swirls and motion going on in the background.