Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mute Swans Make a Pretty Picture

The photo of Mute Swans came out really well. They were at the hot water outflow from a power plant. In the winter we often see a few of these big birds in these spots. These swans are really European birds but being so pretty are widely kept in ponds and lakes. They do escape and various parts of the U.S. have wild populations now. Most of the ones we see probably come from a Michigan population, but some do nest in Ohio. Native swan species are called Tundra and Trumpeter Swans.

We had a lovely respite from winter, ice and snow, but Monday night we got a lot of freezing rain and snow. Everything was coated in ice and then we had sunshine. Hard on the plants and animals, but beautiful to behold. I got some pictures of that that I plan to share. Thursday night it started snowing and blowing and we have what seems like about a foot of snow. We didn't leave the house yesterday. Finally about 10:00 last night they plowed our driveway. Today we were out and about. They say it will reach 50F on Monday, but we'll see.

Are those of you in the U.S. enjoying the Friday night showings of "Who Do You Think You Are?"

Hope you enjoy the Mute Swans!
Designer Credits:
-background paper, leaves, white flower: With All My Love by Lady Papillon
-patterned paper, brown flower, beads, frame: Faded Memories by Bellisae Designs
fonts: Angel Tears, Boopee


  1. Your page turned out beautifully! What a lovely photo of the swans. They look like they are enjoying a nice warm sauna!

    I just watched two of the episodes of Who Do You Think You Are from the NBC web site. I watched the one with Kim Cattrall and the other with Rosie O'Donell. Once again, I feel inspired to find out more about my family history... Maybe this time, I will focus on my Mother's side of the family.

  2. How lovely...both the photo and the LO! This reminds me...I have been meaning to mention that Tony is building a metal barn and soon will be starting a house for this couple about 60 miles from us. Tony learned from one of the men helping him the he has been clearing some brush on a site where an elderly man has been working the past 3 years building a bird and animal wildlife preserve. Though not finished, he said lots of birds have found the location. Hope to go visit the preserve once it is completed.

  3. This is simply beautiful, not only the mute swans but the muted colours throughout. It´s informative too as I didn´t know that swans are only native to Europe. That probably explains why we have so many of them. Apparently in Britain they all belong to the Queen. Lucky Queen!