Saturday, February 12, 2011

Quote Challenges

There have been two types of quote challenges at Oscraps. Running through today has been the designer challenge for which I did the Desolation Row page. I've added another with a quote from a recent book that I think could be an inspiration to anyone, but that I especially like as a genealogist. Running for the whole month is a challenge to use a specific quote and as it is about kisses the challenge also calls for a kiss photo. I don't much like the quote and kiss photos usually even less, but I still managed to come up with a nice page. First the one I really like quoting 90+ Diana Athill from Somewhere Towards the End.
Designer Credits:
-background paper, leaves: Stuck on You by Maya de Groot
-other papers, stitching: Believe by Biograffiti
-frame, quotes: conversation piece no. 1, elements by paislee press & one little bird
fonts: Boopee, Brisk

And next a page I like, but not the quote. The picture is of one of my great nieces and her nephew.
Designer Credits: Stuck on You by Maya de Groot
fonts: Harlow Solid Italic, Bahamas, Koala


  1. Oh wow, I love the first quote and page created for it...see you are still very artfully pulling together parts of many kits and turning them into a wonderful page. I love the photo in the second page and how well the colors go with it. And, I really like how playful the elements are...but must agree, the quote does nothing for me.

  2. I love the imagery you´ve used in the first page, the circles for the eternal cycle and, of course, the many dots. The second page is fun and cheerful but, like Laj, the quote leaves me cold. I´m quite sure, if you´d been doing the choosing, you could have thought up something better than that. Yet you´ve still managed to build a lovely page around it.