Monday, February 21, 2011

Bird Nest from Last Year

The weather is doing its split personality thing now. We had a typical March day when I photographed all the flowers in bloom. That was Friday. Saturday was not so warm, but we had a Common Grackle show up in the pines in the yard behind us, our early spring signal. Sunday afternoon there was an opportunity to spend time in a nature preserve that is not open to the public except for special events at the moment. We had a very pleasant time there with the temperature a little above freezing, no strong wind and no precipitation. Soon after however it started to snow then turned to freezing rain. Now everything is coated in ice for the President's Day holiday. Typical spring I guess! Just grateful for the nice days.
Designer Credits: Red like Love, Black as Hope by Laurence Designs
font (date): EnviroD
text handwritten and scanned


  1. I like your almost monochrome photo and page with the repeated circles and the bold red under the focal point. It´s amazing how well that nest has withstood the winter gales. I wonder if it´ll be refurbished for use again this year.
    I´ve never even heard of the Common Grackle. It´s definitely not so common in Europe. You must scrap a photo of one sometime. I won´t be really convinced that it´s spring until I hear the thrush singing.

  2. I really like the way you did your journaling here! I know you did it by hand, and scanned it... Very creative! Very nice page. Great job! :)

  3. Nice to get another promise of spring even with the return of freezing rain and snow. Another wonderfully unique the touches of red and the journaling, too!