Friday, February 11, 2011

Bamboo in the Neighborhood

I don't really think our little volunteer is bamboo and Dick is sure it isn't, but since we don't know what it is, I can still dream it has migrated from the neighbors. Meanwhile, we are down to 10F and still doing OK. This morning we know it was down to at least 4F and the pipes didn't freeze, so that was nice. My sister is suffering on her return from four sunny weeks in California with this severe cold. We are looking forward to warmer days predicted, but imagine there will be a lot of water as it melts. Tulsa had another five inches of snow and negative temperatures, but nearby places had much more snow and extremely low temps. They may reach the 60s next week though. It sure has been rough there. Spring is still a fantasy but we are eager for its arrival.
This bamboo page was done from an ad inspiration. Anything green in the snow seems a good thing!
Designer Credits: The Gift by Fei-fei's Stuff
fonts: Baveuse, Blue Highway


  1. Whatever it is, the plant is brave to stay green in the snow. I spotted our neighbors wild cane a few days ago across the field. This reminds me I intended to take a picture of it. It really stands out since it is a light golden color against bare gray limbs of tree surrounding it. We now only have snow in some shady areas around the house and are to have 60s and low 70s all next week. Wish I could send my coming warm weather to you since some of your snow made it down here to me! Stay warm.

  2. It looks very like the bamboo I have in a big tub on my patio but mine isn´t green at present so you´re lucky that yours is still thriving in the snow. It makes a lovely textured page.
    On the other hand, we´re lucky that spring is well on its way. The crocuses are appearing in my garden along with the snowdrops and I have pots of primroses, daffodils and tulips at my front door and a few hyacinths scenting the living room. Even the rain today is preferable to snow.