Friday, February 18, 2011

First Flowers Make It Look Like Spring

We were outside a bit today enjoying the absence of snow (well, except bits where it was piled up) and some sun. It is windy and in the 50s very like a day in March. We heard a House Finch singing and saw the House Sparrows continuing their interest in a bird house. Then I realized there was a crocus in bloom next door! Turns out more were open in the grass too. They sure weren't visible two days ago. With that I thought to go down the street where a neighbor has winter aconite. It was in bloom along with a few snowdrops. What a wonderful feeling to have things look so much like spring! We know it won't last, but this is the first real break we've had since the end of November.
Designer Credits: Faded Memories by Bellisae
fonts: Snell Blk BT, Boopee


  1. Such a pretty and optimistic page with its ribbon swirling around the spring flowers. It sounds as if you´re just a little behind us in welcoming spring as our snowdrops and crocuses are about ready to fade to make way for the daffodils.
    Like you, I´ve seen many sparrows at my bird house, a welcome sight as their numbers have declined in recent years. I´ve also heard the chaffinch, called the Scotch Canary where I come from. That´s a sure sign that spring is approaching. I´m so glad the winter is over that even being awakened early in the morning by cooing pigeons isn´t irritating!

  2. Once again, your crocus are blooming before ours are, and now everything here is snow covered again, I knew winter was not done with us yet. I agree with Helen, your page is very pretty. I really like this page... you did an excellent job with your composition. I really like that background paper... and the paper flower... very nice!

  3. Wow...looks like spring has sprung. You inspired me to take a little walk outside and I found tulips and daffodils peeking out and some wild clover. And my mums are coming back, too, but no blooms on any of the flowers yet and all are almost buried in leaves. I do have pics of flowers covered with snow on Easter a few years ago, so can't safely say our snow is all behind us. Your paper and elements are all a nice contrast to the bright greens and blooms of your flowers. The stitching and flower shaped buttons are a nice touch!