Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Challenges, one in red and white

February is a new month with new challenges. I've got two layouts to share on this snowy Groundhogs Day. We had a few more inches of snow Monday night but not too much during the day. Then last night we got freezing rain and in the wee hours we got up to about 35F and the icicles were dripping. This afternoon we've started to get swirling snow, but they don't predict we'll get a large accumulation. Not like Tulsa where Jim has over a foot of snow and lots of drifting, the city nearly at a standstill.

So, on to something bright and cheery! The Oscraps color challenge this month is to use only red and white (with accent of 1 or 2 colors allowed) and NO PHOTO! Wow, that took some thinking, but what else than a bird for me to scrap about?
Designer Credits:
-template (with stitching): Four Play No. 1 by Biograffiti
-red paper, patterned papers, wings (lightened): My Playlist by Biograffiti
-white paper, heart doodle, bling: Shimmer by Kitty Designs
-bird (recolored): Stamp My Heart by Kitty Designs
fonts: Stereofidelic, PTBarnum BT

Oscraps has a new designer spotlight now on Paislee Press & One Little Bird. There are freebies and a challenge to scrap quotes. Check it out HERE. Most of the layouts are quoting cute kid sayings and some inspirational quotes, but I've gone off and done one of our favorite Bob Dylan lines.
Designer Credits:
-template: Conversation piece no. 3 by paislee press and one little bird
-background paper (blended), stitched element: Winter Escape by Tinamarie
-other blended paper, brown paper: The Gift by Fei-fei's Stuff
-clipped paper: Fresh Start by Ashalee Wall
fonts: Boopee, Huxtable, BlacklightD


  1. Two very different pages. At first I thought your cardinal page with its cheerful red and its tumbling hearts and leaves unsurpassable....then I saw your take on Desolation Row. What strange imagery Dylan conjures up with this poem/song. Wasn´t it Einstein who “looked so immaculately frightful as he bummed a cigarette?” I think you´ve captured the essence of these surreal lines with this grungy page. There´s certainly nothing cheerful about it with its bricks and boards, dead-eyed windows and winter desolation. One of your best yet, Jean, and that´s saying something!

  2. Love is amazing how songs of our times impacted our lives and still come to mind these many years later. Very unique and agree with Helen, one of your best yet!

  3. Ooops...these were both in the same post. Love the red and white challenge LO. I saw two cardinals yesterday and they really did show up well against our recent white snow. I actually saw a robin this morning outside sampling my "gold fish" I spread on top of the snow since I was out of bird feed. Poor guy...he looked much more chilled than the other birds. We have had 6-10 degree lows and 17-20 highs for the past three days. Suppose to warm up Saturday and then another front coming in next week. Brrrr...I kept telling you guys to send you snow to Texas...well, it made it here! Guess I can't complain...LOL!