Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Photo from a sunny winter day

I've missed getting posts in here for a few days now. Saturday I was busy with genealogy meeting and class and we have some other things happening and then, last night, I started on another eight weeks of the collage journaling class that I find so stimulating. Love actually getting sticky fingers with hands on work. Have two really nice classmates too.

Friday we had a second consecutive sunny day and we ran over to my sister's to check on her house. You may previously have seen photos of the birch tree in her front yard, but this time I got Dick to stand still by it so I could get a photo with it as background for a photography challenge. I really like the result! And right this minute we have more sunshine though it likely won't last long. My sister is coming back from California shortly and we'll be off to the airport to meet her.

Designer Credits: The Gift by Fei-fei's Stuff
fonts: Neuropol, Mufferaw

Another challenge is a copycat or template challenge. Once again I've got to contend with tiny photos, but I just had to use butterfly pictures to cheer me up in this seeminly endless winter. I chose two shots of Zebra Swallowtails, elegant butterflies that don't quite make it to where we live, so these were in southern Ohio on two days in late June of 2009. I always feel excited to see them, but finding that little group coming to a bit of roadside water was totally enchanting. Click on the image to see it a bit larger.

Designer Credits: Happy to be Me by Lydia Designs
fonts: Davida Bd BT, Bank Gothic Md BT, Ellianarelle's Path


  1. Dick made a perfect model for your photo...great rugged, bundled up for winter weather look makes nice contrast to the sunny day snow picture which can be very deceiving as it's still very cold even with the bright sunshine! Light colored flourish is nice accent for the birch tree.

    It's fun to do "scrap lift" LOs...always amazing how different they can turn out yet the same layout of various papers and elements. I was just cruising through files yesterday and found a scrap lift of one of your LOs and I remember the comment that you didn't recognize it as a lift of one of your LOs...miss all the fun comments from the DP gallery!

  2. I think your pages turned out great! We had sunshine here today, and I took a couple of photos of some more icicles... I agree with Laj, the sunshine is very pretty, but it was still really cold! I'm still longing for Spring!

  3. Love both of these but the birch tree one is my favourite as the birch is one of my favourite trees. When our walnut tree got blown down I wanted to replace it with a weeping birch but my neighbour is allergic to them so I had to abandon that idea.
    Love all the swirly bits in both your pages and the little flowers promising spring.