Thursday, February 17, 2011

Icicles Thoughts

Our snow is going away very slowly and we went looking to see what was newly uncovered today. We found some tender shoots of daffodils and an iris but we also saw the remains of some large icicles that had fallen into our backyard. They would have been very scary when they fell! Certainly gave us something to think about and I had to take some pictures of them.
Designer Credits: Golden Memories and Heart of Gold, both by Retro Designs
fonts: James Fajardo, Davida Bold BT, Corbel


  1. Wow...your title says it all...those look like they could have been lethal to anyone getting in their way coming down. Like your layers and that clock seems to say winter is coming to an end, hopefully soon especially since you have found daffodils and an iris peeping out to see if winter is over!

  2. I am so happy to see the snow and ice melting! Our back yard looked very similar to yours yesterday. We had a few days of sunshine, which was really nice. It's warm again today, and the snow and ice are continuing to melt. Unfortunately, I don't think winter is quite done with us yet. But Spring is coming... I know it is!

  3. This all looks very ominous but at the same time it´s an indication that the temperature is rising and that spring is on its way.
    Thank you for using my kits. When I saw the icon of your page on my blog I instantly recognised the green background as it´s one of the few shades of green I dare to use, it´s such a tricky colour! I like the little sprig you´ve used to indicate that things are growing again and, as Laj says, the clock is a good image to use to show how the seasons advance.