Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Bird Count Today

Today was our Christmas Bird Count, one of the biggest birding days for us. We cover Lake View Cemetery in the morning and various places in the afternoon. It was sunny, a bit like the photo from last week. There was snow cover and ponds frozen, streams partly frozen. We started at 7:30 when it was light, but sunrise wasn't until 7:48. It was about 14 F. with SSW winds creating a wind chill of only 2 F. We do dress warmly, so were never too cold, or at least not for long. It did warm up, but only to about 30.

We didn't see a lot of birds and missed some goodies we saw earlier in the month, but we did have our special Merlin though only in the late afternoon. We are just a small part of the whole group covering our count circle, so it will be interesting to see the overall result.
Designer Credits: kit Spicy Winter by Lady Papillon
fonts: Girls are Weird, Scriptina, Tempus Sans ITC


  1. Wow! What a beautiful page! The tree's in your photo with the snow look so pretty! I can't believe how much snow we have gotten already this month! You would think it was winter! I really like your page! Going to have to add this one to my folder for inspiration! :)

  2. Brrr...looks like you´ve also got more than your fair share of "the deep and crisp and even". I think you probably needed that scarf in the corner for more than just decoration on your bird search. The snowy trees and the subtle colours make a pretty picture though even without the birds.

  3. What a gorgeous picture...the trees wonderfully decorated with snow against the blue sky makes we want snow so much. Lovely magical background and page with all the scattered circles and stars on top.