Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So much snow!

For several days we missed significant snow while areas nearby got lots. Today we got snow and snow and more snow. The photo is of the neighbor's dogwood tree that acts as one of my signposts of the seasons. For our holiday greeting, be sure you've seen this post.
Designer Credits:
Kitty Design: Shimmer
fonts: Hans Hand, Humanst521 BT

Yesterday I was delighted to get another super fortune in my fortune cookie. But Dick said, "Yeah, they got mine wrong too." At least it got me to dig out the previous one about artistic talent that I kept because it was so neat.
Designer Credits:
Deb Ammerman: kit Early Bird
fortune cookie photo: stock photo
fonts: Bravo, Calligraph421 BT


  1. I guess you could only dodge the snow for so long? Very nice page, I love the elements you used!

    I love your Fortune Cookie page... I agree, the fortunes nowadays are delightful to find. I haven't had Chinese food in a long time... that sounds GOOD! I am probably going to have to go get some today for lunch! Thank you for using my Early Bird kit! It really turned out cute! :)

  2. Your snow page has a magically feel to it with the icy flight of the butterflies! Looks like your neighbor's tree is also measuring the amount of snow fall until the wind comes and blows it away!

    Hummm...I could use a good new fortune cookie but can't even remember how many years it has been since I had a fortune cookie...I should get out more...LOL! Both are wonderful LOs!

  3. Never so much as SEEN a fortune cookie though we both love Chinese food. Must be an American-Chinese custom. Your accolades, I´m sure, were well-deserved and as for your snowy butterfly page,it´s just stunningly beautiful in its deceptive simplicity.