Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Still Cold but less snowing - Plus Holiday Lights LO

So far not so many schools are listed to close on Tuesday, so we'll see. There doesn't seem to be snow falling now and it isn't even blowing around quite so much. It is only 15 F though, so not too nice out there.

I got a freebie template with circle cuts last month and finally found a photo I wanted to use in it. The lights are from mid-October when there were lots of colorful leaves. The lights were orange for Halloween. Now the tree is bare as you could see in a post last week but it does have white lights for Christmas now. Still pretty, but I wish it were warm again!
Designer Credits:
-Circle Cut Template by kym
-dotted paper, stitched design, birds: Deb Ammerman - Early Bird
-top paper, plant elements: Thaliris - Romantic Story
fonts: Kunstler Script, DomCasual BT

1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful template...the birdies are so glad the cold photo is only peeking out and they are staying warm. Very unique and fun page. No snow here but cold and high winds when each front blows through. We really need rain or snow as the winter wheat is not doing well right now. Stay warm!