Sunday, December 5, 2010

Faces of a Family: Lyle

Another challenge this month is to be web-inspired by a design chosen from an Internet image. This month's was a series of pictures arranged in a 6 x 6 grid of squares. I think everyone will interpret it pretty loosely. I have a mask of a grid-like design that is 5 x 5 boxes. For some reason it inspired me to use it as a showcase for pictures of my ancestors and relatives in the Lyle family. I did a montage of some of them before, but have more now. When I saw the photo of a cousin of my great great grandfather I was amazed at their similarity. It seems there is a lot of family resemblance.
To identify everyone I've done a numbered diagram. I've focused on my great great grandfather, Isaac Lyle, and will list everyone in the layout and their relationship to him.

1. Isaac Lyle (1830-1911)
2. Samuel C. Lyle (1801-1886) - his father
3. Emmet Lyle (1860-1938) - his son
4. Oliver Guy Lyle (1886-1957) - his grandson
5. Hannah Jane (Lyle) McKnight (1835-1918) - his sister
6. Charles Wesley Lyle (1859-1932) - his first cousin, son of William
7. Martha (Lysle) Figley (1843-1899) - his first cousin, daugher of Francis Wayne
8. Wilson H. Lyle (1843-1918) - his first cousin, son of James
9. Joseph J. Bedell (1871-1944) - nephew of cousin Martha, #7
10. William Lenox McKnight (1868-1944) - his nephew, son of Hannah Jane, #5
11. Dana Oliver Lyle (1878-1957) - his nephew, son of Boyd Lyle
12. Biddle Elmont Lyle (1873-1946) - his nephew, son of his brother Samuel
13. Rhoda S. (Lyle) Darst (1869-1936) - his niece, sister of Biddle, #12
14. Cora R. (Lyle) Wright (1874-1943) - his niece, sister of Rhoda, #13

The family history can be seen at this link.
Designer Credits:
-mask, green paper, elements: ZuzannaH Designs - Let Love Be Your Energy
-blue paper: ZuzannaH Designs - Blue Meadow (free sampler)
fonts: Woodcutted Caps Black, Ziggy Zoe, Boopee, Celtic Hand

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  1. I'm so, love this grid you used as it gives the impression that this collage of photos was created years ago and has worn and aged with time!