Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Icy Lakeshore Makes Fancy Designs

Saturday we were looking for birds, but lots of people were along Lake Erie to take photographs. Well, of course, I did that too. It looked quite impressive and imagining the weather that created it was pretty impressive as well.
Designer Credits:
-template (including mask): Template challenge by Armina @ pickleberrypop 
-background paper: ptitesouris - Feerie de Noel, Part 2
-star overlay: Sekada - Feerie de Noel, Part 2
-feather, ribbon: Soval - Eros
-flower: Lady Papillon - Spicy Winter
fonts: Davida Bd BT, Mufferaw, Kristen ITC


  1. Very impressive photos, Jean. These strange alien looking “stalagmites” had me baffled until I looked at the larger image. The frozen waterfall looks strange and wonderful too. I´m so glad you also got at least one shot of a normal looking bird to convince me you didn´t take a trip to another planet at the weekend! Love this frozen page with that lovely blue to relieve the chilly effect of those amazing icy images.

  2. Awesome photos...see you got a bird in there too! Lovely mask and combination of paper and elements...very unique LO! Saw something like this on the fun that you got to see it in person!

  3. Awesome photos! Wow! Bbbbrrrrr.... but WOW! I love the way your page came out! Fantastic mask! Very nice composition! :)