Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Morning

We had another lovely and gift-filled Christmas morning this year. We get to feel just like little kids opening all the goodies. The penquin is a collectible box (very ingenious) containing a tiny igloo charm. It was a gift to me from Dick. He received a handsome blue pot from his brother for that wonderful hibiscus he sent back with us last fall. For dinner we had a roast beast (rib roast) that couldn't be beat. Our once a year indulgence. The next day we went to my sister's 80th birthday party. I'll have to get back with pictures from that.
Designer credits: The Day After Christmas by Golden Sun Designs
fonts: Liberty BT, Bahamas


  1. Dick must have been a very good boy indeed to get such lovely gifts. The penguin you gave him is ingenious. Something´s missing here though and I´m left wondering if one of you grown up kids has been more naughty than nice this past year...

  2. Looks like a lovely Christmas morning and fun presents for you both. Love the staggered mix of photos and papers across the top and mid section with the title and journaling below! Hope you both have a wonderful New Year as well!