Monday, December 13, 2010

More Snow and the schools closed

Yesterday the temperatures dropped and it started to snow. It is still snowing though we don't have that great an accumulation but the blowing keeps it covering roads and drives. We are currently down to 16 F. The local schools closed today and just about everywhere around us. That also means our community center and the part of it that is the Senior Activity Center is also closed. Dick was looking forward to their last guitar session before the holidays and his computer room tutoring every Monday, but had to stay home. Of course he was very happy not having to go out in this weather. Are we SURE it is still the first half of December?

There was a previous attempt at the textured photo challenge that I didn't post. I like the look of the finished layout that looks a bit like a piece of old tapestry. The photo doesn't really come out well though, the robins in it rather obscured. But the colors are nice and I feel like having it to look at here on the blog. There was snow on the ground the day I took the picture, but only lightly and not visible up in the tree.
Designer Credits: 
-Fei-fei's Stuff: Crazy Beautiful
-dark paper: Fei-fei's Stuff - Something Pop
fonts: iNked God, Kastler, Corbel


  1. Our schools were closed here today too, and I wish I could have just stayed at home, where it was nice and warm. I like the papers and elements you used for your page, and it does have an old tapestry feel to it. Very nice layout. :)

  2. This should be called Spot The Robins, they´re so well camouflaged. This is the first time I´ve ever seen more than one at a time as they seem to be loners. I like the trellis effect you´ve achieved with the paper, especially along the bottom where it appears to be transparent.

  3. I love that the robins are was fun picking them out. But I am confused...why haven't they flown south for the winter. Seems we only see Robins in the spring...a sign that spring is here. Lots of unique effects going on in the it!

  4. Robins do head south for the winter, but a certain number of them stay over the winter where there is a good food supply like the cemetery where this was taken that has lots of fruiting trees. On the Christmas Bird Count this coming Saturday we will see as many as 100 some years. In the summer when they sing at dawn I can hear so many at our house that it is amazing. So LOTS more of them then.