Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to Storytelling, with a new "doodle"

I've used multiple photos again with a small bit of blending. I've also used a new drawing or "doodle" as part of my background. I'd say this is less art and more story, but still a bit of both.

The Gray Catbirds are mimic thrushes a bit like our mockingbirds. They have calls that do sound quite a bit like cats, hence their name. At least two have been hanging out in the silky dogwoods for a few days, sitting out in the open at times. One of those times today I was able to photograph a bird with the telephoto from the kitchen window. I was happy to see the squirrels really have left a good bit of fruit which is now turning blue, its ripe color. I really do enjoy these plants!
Credits: I created the background with my doodle and a texture effect
fonts: Celtic Hand, Boopee

New Doodle
My new drawing or doodle is a bit bigger, about 5.5 inches across. It is freeform somewhat like one of Deb's newest. It is also probably pretty strange. Turning it can create different illusions too.
Thanks for all the lovely comments on my flower "painting!" I have ideas for more images of that type, but want to let them stew a while first.


  1. Love the doodle. There´s nothing remotely threatening about it. I can see only nature elements in it: owls, fish, ferns and a waterfall.

    Something about it reminds me strongly of a wonderfully decorative painting by Gustav Klimt called The Kiss though this is all your own and not at all derivative.

    In combination with your photo it looks entirely different but equally spectacular and makes a wonderful backdrop for the birds and foliage.

  2. I love the doodle, and the way you incorporated it in your layout with the birds and dogwood with it's beautiful blue berries. I too see nature elements in your doodle... I think the "freeform" doodle is so much fun to work with... I hope I will find some time to play today, seeing your work makes me want to play... but I have day-job work to do. :)

  3. How awesome to use your doodle behind these photos...great blending. I was outside for a few minutes last evening and heard what sounded like a little pony in the distance. We don't have ponies near us...after a few minutes, I realized it was a bird. Wonder if it was a gray ponybird! I definitely saw an owl also at my first glance at your doodle...looks like fun.