Monday, August 1, 2011

Camera in the Backyard

The August challenges are here and the Oscraps camera corner is looking for backyard type photography. This came at a perfect time! Journaling reads:

For days we've been hearing the crunching of squirrels feeding on the still-green fruits of our silky dogwood (Cornus amomum). They litter the driveway with snipped off twigs and many uneaten fruits. Today one fed in the open and would move to a new spot whenever I pointed my camera its way but it never went completely away.

Here is my original photo followed by my scrapbook page.

Designer Credits:
-background from Oscraps Collab Life by Fei-fei’s Stuff
-patterned paper and elements from For the Birds by One Little Bird
fonts: Chalk, FreeKture, Minya Nouvelle


  1. His cheeky little cousin lives in my back yard! Several of them in fact! The squirrels love the woods behind the house. I had a chipmunk living in the garage for a while, but the other day, it got into the trash bag we had waiting to take outside... looking for a snack, and when he came out of the bag, he was OUTSIDE! He skedaddled for the woods and I am sure he is much happier now! Hopefully he will stay out of my garage. You got a fabulous photo, and your page turned out great! Love it!

  2. Congrats on finally capturing the cheeky little culprit on camera. Our squirrels are all gone...too many cats I think. I scrapped one looking into our bathroom window on DP and have pictures of them stealing food from my bird feeders. Love how you have the photo and element on one side of the page. Feels like we are getting a sneaky peek of him as well!

  3. He´s an adorable little rascal and I love the way you´ve placed him on your page right on the very edge so that he hasn´t far to run to get away from you!