Saturday, August 13, 2011

Night Ruler Dreaming: more flower "painting"

I wanted to continue from the daylily page of "painting" with flower photos. Instead of starting with a photo mask I used this month's creative techniques challenge method of erasure and blending and a little more. I used six different photos. I'm now thinking about the comments I made about originality when I did the page of the red giant hibiscus. Perhaps this is my way to finding a unique way with flowers. It'll be interesting to learn what you see in it!
Designer Credits:
-blue paper from Royal Blending Papers by Tinamarie
-black(ish) paper, B&W paper used as overlay on top, butterfly, flower from Black & White by Sue Cummings 
-light green pattern paper from Oscraps Collab TrOpical
-swirl from Sa-weet Sa-whirls by Jodie McNally
-silver glitters from The Silver Flakes by Kitty Designs


  1. It's beautiful Jean! I love it! I see some kind of tribal ritual dance, billowing silk scarves and dresses floating and fluttering to the wild beat of music. The green area near the bottom of your "painting" is almost psychedelic... really cool! far-out! :)

  2. This is totally awesome, Jean. I love it. I love blending pages and will be definitely checking out these challenge techniques! I love Deb's description here especially the silk scarves floating about, but I also see a magical fairy play land in the painting, too! Lovely!

  3. Yes, I see what Laj means about the magical fairyland. In fact I can see one of the fairies. I can also see a very neat looking black cat sitting almost in the centre. Where else would a cat choose to sit!? Apart from that it´s simply a lovely flight of fancy with lots of depth and wonderful colours and textures.