Thursday, August 25, 2011

Drawing #5 - Bullfinch

I went back to working with a rectangle. The beginning spaces revealed a shape I thought of as a Bullfinch, a Eurasian bird that is quite robust and big billed. I couldn't help developing that shape somewhat. I also did this one more open. It is about 5 inches square. Even though there is less detailed drawing, it required about as much time and thought. I still never know what will appear when I put pen to paper. It is a fascinating process.


  1. Oh! I REALLY like the way this one came out! I LOVE the open space in it! You did an excellent job! I think yours look so much better than mine because you think about what you are going to do... I just keep doodling and don't really worry about composition too much... but I am thinking it is time I added a little more thought to mine. I really do like this! Fantastic job!

  2. Well I´ve got to take your word for it that this is a bullfinch. Even if your conscious mind thinks it is maybe your subconscious is still longing for the sea and the seagulls because this one also looks aquatic to me! Or maybe it´s my own subconscious. Or maybe it really doesn´t matter either way because it´s just a great pattern and so obviously well thought out it qualifies for a brand new category.
    I´ll get back to you once I´ve pondered on it.

  3. Oh, I love the flow of this one and the open spaces. I don't see the Bullfinch, but it's all in the eye of the beholder. The Bullfinch is there for the birder and the sea and sea gulls are there for the one who loves the sea. Seems like fun to just start out with pen and paper and see what come out of it...another great one!