Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Purple Fantasy: more flower "painting"

My daylily page was quite brightly colored, the dark iris (Night Ruler) was darkly intense though fanciful. Each was done with photos of flowers of one plant. Since I have so many iris photos from my sister's garden I decided to see what I could create with pictures of different flowers together. The result is very similar to the other iris one, but lighter and to me, more fanciful, even lacy. This is again done with erasure and blending. Goals include texture, depth, and especially, feelings of fantasy. My biggest fear is that I might fall off into something akin to cabbage rose wallpaper. Any comments more that welcome!
Designer Credits:
-blue and patterned background papers from Creative Motives, July 2011 Artisan Guild Kit 
-green background paper from Twitterpated by Dee Bee Designs
-overlay paper from Black & White by Sue Cummings
-string, butterfly from I'm Like a Bird, Part 1 by Mel Designs and Thaliris
-yellow flower from I'm Still Loving You by chouk77
-blue brush from Dream a Little Dream by Digital Scrapper
-glitter from October Festivities, Part 6 by Melcrea


  1. wow! this is stunningly beautiful! What a great job you did! You are really getting into "painting with flowers"... very creative, I love it, and I think you certainly accomplished your goal for texture, depth and fantasy! I started to watch a movie with Robin Williams in it last night, where he died and ended up in a "painting"... I couldn't watch the whole movie, because Matthew and Jeff were in Chicago, and I would have freaked myself out with worry for the rest of the night that they wouldn't make it home safe. Anyway, your comment about "falling into something akin to cabbage rose wallpaper" made me think of that movie. :)

  2. What a gorgeous painting you have using your many iris photos to paint with. Agree with Deb, you achieved your goals here. Lovely and great use of the blending and erasure technique.

  3. Beautiful!! You could probably sell these as prints on Etsy!! :)

  4. Anything less like cabbage rose wallpaper is hard to imagine though I wouldn´t mind having this on my wall. Through all your iris fantasies I find myself developing quite a passion for purple. And for irises.