Friday, August 12, 2011

Mystery Man

I used the copycat challenge for August to show off another unidentified photo. It is another from one of the old albums brought the the U.S. from Slovakia. The clothing, hair and beard look rather 1860ish to me and that is the time Dick's great grandfather was at university in Bavaria studying theology. I think a lot of the photos were of his friends there. This man's looks particularly caught my fancy.
Designer Credits:
-August 2011 copycat challenge template by clarabear based on "Discover" by Dady
-bow, brads from Free to Fly by Vera Lim Design
-stitching from All Stitched by Kitty Designs
-birds (recolored) from Corinthia by Kitty Designs
-pale paper from Not So Basic Browns by Maya de Groot
-medium brown paper from Family Is Forever by Maya de Groot
-small paper from Old Stuff by Jodie McNally
-bright paper from Royal Blending Papers by tinamarie
-branch from I Remember You by Biograffiti
-pebbles from Sunrise Sunset by Fei-fei's Stuff
fonts: Eskargot, Minya Nouvelle


  1. What a great photo. I can see it must have been in an album to have survived so well, unlike many of mine which were apparently used as saucers for over-filled teacups. Love the subtle colours in your page which allow this striking photo to take centre stage. Like the threads you´ve used, I hope you´ll unravel the mystery sometime.

  2. Very nice page Jean. Love the elements and papers you worked with, I agree with Helen, the subtle colors were perfect for your mystery gentleman. I wonder what the earliest year books from the university are, if it is still in existance.

  3. This mystery man is very handsome and has kind wonder he caught your fancy. Really like the stitching and bead border you use at an angle and the muted block beside the gentleman's photo.